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Working quietly on the Menubar, Surge is a high-performance network toolbox and a HTTP/SOCKS5 proxy server. It is capable of intercepting and logging the summary of network traffics, and meanwhile transmitting the traffic to other proxy servers according to the flexible rule system. Multiple proxy protocols are supported including HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS5, SOCK5 over TLS.

Launching the Dashboard, Surge then becomes a sophisticated HTTP debugging tool. You can monitor all recent network requests, adjust proxy rules, rewrite requests and manipulate local DNS mapping.

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Recent Updates...

  1. Gateway Mode
  2. Outbound Mode
  3. Header rewrite
  4. Local resource mapping
  5. Process rule
  6. URL regex rule
  7. User agent rule
  8. Enhanced mode (Virtual TUN)
  9. Rules for IPv6
  10. More in Release Notes History
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Fancy the iOS version?

Surge iOS provides equally powerful functionality as the Mac version does.

  1. All features can be independently utilized without relying on the Mac version
  2. It is capable of overriding the system DNS server even on Cellular network
  3. SOCKS5 and HTTPS proxy can be used on iOS even if they are not supported by system